Each year, Smart Energy invites early, mid and late stage startups to pitch their technology and applications to our audience. We are pleased to welcome the Clean Resource Innovation Network as our partner in 2024. 


The Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) is a pan-Canadian network founded to enable clean energy development by commercializing and adopting technologies for the energy industry. CRIN brings together diverse expertise from industry, entrepreneurs, investors, academia, governments, and many others to enable solutions that improve the industry’s environmental and economic performance. CRIN believes that these solutions will be applied across Canadian industries and around the globe, and that energy development and environmental stewardship together will have local, national and international benefits.

The Net Zero Pitch Competition is scheduled for April 16 from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm in the Harbour Suites.


Each company is providing a 15 minute technical presentation on April 15 from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm in the Bedford Room.

And the 2024 Nominees are...

BioBurn Pros Inc.

presented by: Joe Lewis, President & Founding Partner


The Idea

How to bring energy to off grid locations and electrify heavy equipment at remote locations. Introducing a game-changing innovation in sustainable forestry, natural disaster remediation and land clearing: the revolutionary BioCharger mobile battery bank, brought to you by BioBurn Pros Inc., exclusive partner of Air Burners Inc. for Atlantic Canada. Paired with the newly improved PGF300 Air Curtain Firebox and power generation unit, this dynamic duo is set to transform how we power EV machinery in rural forests. With the PGF300's enhanced capability to capture 300 kWh of power from the firebox burn chamber, and the BioCharger offering three models—small at 400 kW, medium at 650 kW, and large at 1 MW—all powered by the Rolls Royce Q Battery, the possibilities are limitless. Imagine the efficiency and environmental benefits of having clean, renewable energy at your fingertips, powering electric machinery for forestry and land clearing operations without the need for noisy generators or harmful emissions. With BioBurn Pros Inc. leading the charge, the future of sustainable forestry is brighter than ever before. Join us in revolutionizing the industry and paving the way for a greener, cleaner tomorrow.


The Pain

Using electrified equipment in off-grid locations poses significant challenges, primarily due to the lack of access to traditional power sources. While electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular, the majority are charged from grids powered by coal or fossil fuels, negating some of the environmental benefits they offer. In off-grid settings, reliance on fossil fuel-powered generators for charging EVs not only contributes to carbon emissions but also presents logistical challenges and increased costs associated with fuel transportation and storage. This reliance on non-renewable energy sources undermines the sustainability goals of using electrified equipment in remote areas, highlighting the need for innovative solutions.


The Solution 

Enter the PGF300 and BioCharger, a revolutionary pairing that offers a truly green process for powering electrified equipment in off-grid locations. Unlike traditional charging methods reliant on grid power fueled by fossil fuels, our system harnesses renewable energy by charging from waste materials generated in forestry and land clearing projects. The PGF300 captures 300 kWh of power from the firebox burn chamber, while the BioCharger, available in three models, utilizes the Rolls Royce Q Battery to store and distribute clean energy. This innovative approach not only eliminates the reliance on fossil fuels but also ensures mobility, as our system can be deployed to any location, making it ideal for off-grid operations. With the PGF300 and BioCharger, sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand, paving the way for a greener future in forestry and land clearing.


presented by: Abdulganiyu Onabanjo, President and CEO


The Idea

iFormit Solutions Inc. simplifies smart metering infrastructure using sub-metering approach to help promote cleaner utility consumption and accountability in residential and commercial buildings.


The iMID device is a unique smart energy monitoring system that reads electric and other utility meter data through an affordable interface, providing the services of an advanced smart meter in a way that is more affordable to implement, especially in multi-unit buildings that can benefit from sub-metering.


This is an innovation that will provide multiple economic and environmental benefits in Nova Scotia and worldwide. Smarter and more affordable energy meters will help collect the data and provide the insights that energy users and utilities need to save energy, control cost, and meet the urgent emission reduction targets.


The Pain

Utility Management and Cost Allocation: Property managers and building owners face significant challenges in accurately allocating utility costs between tenants, especially in buildings with inclusive rental agreements. This often results in utility expenses eating into rental income and rental increase


Cost Prohibitive Solutions for Separate Metering: The option to install separate power meters for each tenant is hindered by two major obstacles: the prohibitive cost, which can exceed $20,000, and the complex, time-consuming process of obtaining municipal approvals.


Balancing Utility Costs with Rental Income: The pressure to manage utility costs effectively while maintaining profitable rental income is a constant battle for property managers.


Environmental Concerns and Waste: When utilities are included in the rent, tenants have less incentive to conserve energy, leading to excessive usage. This not only impacts the environment negatively but also inflates utility costs for the building owner.


Infrastructure Challenges for Power Companies: On the supplier side, power and utility companies interested in upgrading to advanced smart metering infrastructure face significant capital investment challenges. The high costs associated with deploying smart metering technology can hinder their ability to improve customer service, recover revenues, reduce estimated billing inaccuracies, and prevent equipment vandalism.


The Solution

Our IoT-based remote monitoring device known as iMID, directly addresses the critical issues facing property managers, landlords, and utility companies by offering an advanced smart metering infrastructure that is both scalable and financially accessible. This innovative solution transforms how utility usage is monitored, managed, and billed, particularly benefiting those from small landlords with just a couple of units to large property management firms.



iMID device and iFORMIT's services offer a comprehensive solution that saves money, enhances operational efficiency, supports environmental sustainability, and opens up new opportunities for our customers to manage their utility usage more effectively. Through innovation, customization, and a customer-centric approach, we deliver unmatched value to our target customers, positioning our solution as a key player in the transition towards more intelligent and sustainable energy management practices.

ES Recycle (Li-Ion battery recycling) 

presented by: Ravi Gade, CEO


The Idea

Li -Ion battery recycling and how our eco friendly technology with Zero Co2, Zero Hydrogen floroxide, zero waste water treatment can contribute to circular economy by recycling the end of life batteries and production scrap.


The Pain

More Li-Ion batteries are going to come to end of life in the coming years and how we are going to keep up with recycling them.



The Solution

We are going to build multiple plants all over Canada to handle this end of life and production scrap coming from battery production facilities and make sure that these does not end up in the landfills which are harmful to our environment.

 Are you a start-up driving the future of smart energy? Do you have a product, technology, or service that could revolutionize how we think about and use energy? If yes, then we have an electrifying opportunity for you! 


The Net Zero Pitch Challenge, Powered by CRIN,  is dedicated to uncovering the most innovative solutions in the smart energy sector. This is your chance to showcase your groundbreaking ideas to a panel of industry experts, investors, and potential customers.


Why Enter?


Visibility:  Elevate your start-up’s profile among key stakeholders in the smart energy ecosystem.

Mentorship: Receive invaluable feedback and guidance from leaders in the energy sector.

Investment Opportunities: Connect with investors looking to support the next big thing in smart energy.

Networking: Engage with fellow innovators and potential partners to fuel your growth.


Who Can Apply?


  • Startups to mid-stage companies to showcase the latest net-zero technology to our industry delegates
  • Start-ups with a focus on smart energy solutions, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, smart grids, and more.
  • Teams passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and society through innovation.


The selected companies will present their technologies in five minutes on main stage, and have the opportunity to host their own 15-minute session and present their technology to conference delegates in a breakout space.  The startup may also  provide a 5-minute video on the Smart Energy website. 


And the 2023 Winner Was...

2023 Winner

Rimot is leading vessel-to-grid to accelerate electric grids and marine vessels to achieving net zero together. Our BlueGrid technology delivers financial and environmental benefits by turning marine vessels into virtual power plants for utility grade energy storage. We believe bluer oceans and greener energy matter.

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2024 Applications

Do you have what it takes to pitch a new technology, product and service for the clean tech industry?  Submit the form below by March 15, 2024.

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2023 Pitch Challenge

Altiro Energy is a Montreal based company that is revolutionizing long duration energy storage and transport to improve the reliability of wind and solar farms with their novel iron-based clean fuel system. Altiro’s mission is to enable a fully green grid by making clean energy available when and where it’s needed.

Claes Equipment is the world’s first manufacturer specializing in zero-emission snow removal solutions for airports and municipalities. With a solid background experience in heavy vehicle manufacturing and electrification project, this proudly Canadian pioneer company has an impact on the environment, the climate, society, and the economy.

Gaia Refinery is a Direct Air Capture (DAC) Company with proprietary cleantech technology. Our primary objective is to develop a more efficient and affordable Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology as a mean to reduce overall CO2 levels in our atmosphere. This method of carbon removal will offset historical emission and emissions from hard to abate sectors that CCS is not able to tackle. Gaia Refinery has developed a novel waste biomass driven, NaOH-based direct air CO2 capture and removal technology that can be adapted in a number of ways to suit its deployed environment.  Our technology is first and foremost a high efficiency carbon capture solution that works without taxing the energy grid.

Planetary is a Dartmouth-based startup aiming to develop and scale a technology that safely and permanently stores atmospheric CO2 in the ocean. Come learn how this technology, awarded an XPrize in 2022 as a scalable climate solution, plans to be deployed in Halifax later this year. 


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