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Smart Energy | Halifax is pleased to partner with Net Zero Atlantic to host a new post-secondary student poster presentations. We hope you'll come and meet this bright students and provide your valuable insights to their research.


Judging will take place April 15 at 2:00 pm and the winners will be announced at the end of the last session on April 15 in the Commonwealth Ballroom.

Abstract 1: Evaluating an optimal integrated renewable energy supply chain with the incorporation of hydrogen storage for a small community

Mostafa Mostafavi Sani∗, Hamid Afshari, and Ahmed Saif

Department of Industrial Engineering, Dalhousie University

Abstract 1
Abstract 1 - Mostafa Sani Abstract Stude
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Abstract 2: Renewable Energy Storage Systems for Nova Scotia: A Comparative Analysis and Feasibility Study

Mir Sultan, Master of Resource & Environmental Management (MREM), Dalhousie University 

Abstract 2
Abstract 2 - Mir Sultan Abstract Student
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Abstract 3: Nova Scotia as a Clean Electricity Hub: An analysis of possible subsea cable interconnections with our neighbours 

Michael Warebi Godwin, MASC student, Dalhousie University 

Abstract 3
Abstract 3 - Michael Warebi Godwin Abstr
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Abstract 4: Developing an Emission Modeling Framework that Incorporates Vehicle Fuel Types Within the Integrated Transport Land-Use and Energy (iTLE) Modeling System

Kashfia Nahrin Nokshi, Graduate Research Assistant  Department of Civil and Resource Engineering, Dalhousie University

Abstract 4
Abstract 4 - Kashfia Nokshi Abstract Stu
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Abstract 5: Municipal Transportation Roadmap Model (MTRM) 

Harshavardhan Aleti, Master of Applied Science (MASc.) Student, Dalhousie University

Abstract 5
Abstract 5 - Harshavardhan Aleti Abstrac
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Abstract 6: A techno-economic analysis of the potential for the capture and transportation of carbon dioxide for utilization as an industrial feedstock in Nova Scotia

Augustine Okafor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dalhousie University

Abstract 6
Abstract 6 - Augustine Okafor_Student Po
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Abstract 7: Study of Waste Heat Recovery System for Drain Water

Elie Latouf, Dalhousie University

Abstract 7
Abstract 7 - Elie Latouf Abstract Studen
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Abstract 8: Who will Adopt Electric Vehicles in the Near Future

Hasan Shahrier, Civil and Resource Engineering Department, Dalhousie University

Abstract 8
Abstract 8 - Hasah Shahrier Abstract Stu
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Abstract 9: Taking PEI’s Oyster Industry to Net Zero

Matthew Martel & Kaileigh Hiltz, Applied Research Department, Holland College


Abstract 9
Abstract 9 - Matthew Martel_Kaileigh Hil
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Abstract 10: A Bi-level Model for the Urban Hydrogen Refueling Stations Problem 

Mina Valaei, Industrial Engineering, Dalhousie University



Abstract 10
Abstract 10 - Mina Valaei Abstract Stude
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Abstract 11: High Power Battery Characterization for Parameterization of Battery Management Systems 

Mitch Gregory, Dr. Lukas Swan, Mechanical Engineering Department, Dalhousie University 



Abstract 11
Abstract 11 - Mitch Gregory Abstract Stu
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Abstract 12: Nova Scotia’s small woodlot owners can be encouraged through monetization means to become key players in our net-zero future 

Muhammad Hassan Sharif, Dalhousie University 



Abstract 12
Abstract 12 - Muhammad Hassan Sharif Abs
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Abstract 13: Hybrid Machine Learning Inspired Digital Built Environment Generation for Energy Modeling 

Noushad Ahamed Chittoor Mohammed, Sudipta Debnath, Kuljeet Singh Grewal, and Aitazaz Farooque, Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering (FSDE), University of Prince Edward Island



Abstract 13
Abstract 13 - Noushad Ahamed Mohammed Ab
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Abstract 14: Examining the Energy Security-equity Nexus in Nova Scotia's Transition to Electric Vehicles

Sheheryar Mubarak, Dalhousie University



Abstract 14
Abstract 14 - Sheheryar Mubarak Abstraac
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Abstract 15: Community-Led Data Collection Approach for Neighborhood Energy Modeling 

Sudipta Debnath, Noushad Ahamed Chittoor Mohammed, and Kuljeet Singh Grewal 

Future Urban and Energy Lab for Sustainability (FUEL-S), Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering (FSDE), University of Prince Edward Island



Abstract 15
Abstract 15 - Sudipta Debnth Abstract St
Adobe Acrobat Document 194.9 KB

Abstract 16: A Priori Search of New Battery Physics

Shivam Beniwal and Penghao Xiao, Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science , Dalhousie University



Abstract 16
Abstract 16 - Shivam Beniwal Abstract St
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Abstract 17: Towards Greener AI: Predictive Power Modeling and Optimization for Energy-Efficient GPU Computing

Saurabhsingh Rajput, Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University



Abstract 17
Abstract 17 - Saurabhsingh Rajput Abstra
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Abstract 18: Ensuring the Future of Forest-based Nature-based Solutions (NbS): A Monetization Policy with Predictive Modeling 

Muhammad Hassan Sharif, Dalhousie University 



Abstract 18
Abstract 18 - Muhammad Hassan Sharif Abs
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